This collection represents some selected verses from the Quran translated by Sufi Master Mawlana Rumi.  The attributes of this insight are provided by the titles and represented by illustrations with Farsi calligraphy.  52 chosen titles are available through the links on the home page, and the rest can be accessed from the Poems-Presentations page.





Hence, philosophers have said that we receive our harmony from the revolution of the celestial sphere, but the true believers say that the influences of paradise make every unpleasant sound beautiful. We have all been parts of Adam and we have all heard those melodies in paradise. Although our physical bodies have caused a doubt to fall upon us, something from those melodies recalls our memory. Therefore, the rhythm of this universal melody is known to all God lovers, and therein is the fantasy of composure and tranquility of the mind. The fire of love is inflamed by memories, just as is the fire and ardor of the man who drops walnuts into the water.

Rumi  733/4




To recall your memories and beliefs:

Make yourself pure from the attributes of self, so that you may see your own flawless and pure essence.

Rumi  3460/1



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